ReJUNEvation 2021

Rev. Canon Dr. Scott Sharman is the national Animator for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations in the Anglican Church of Canada.

ReJUNEvation 2021 will be livestreamed June 16-18, 2021, with the theme, “Now it Springs Forth: Looking for Ecumenical Movement with Fresh Eyes,” inviting us to reflect on some of the most interesting and promising new directions for the ecumenical movement as we head further into the 21st century.

Guiding this timely work will be the Rev. Canon Dr. Scott Sharman, an academic and ordained minister who serves as the national Animator for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations in the Anglican Church of Canada. He staffs the Anglican/United Church dialogue and is a thoughtful and engaging speaker. As the partner of a parish minister and father to three small children, Scott knows ministry and ecumenical life from the ground up!

Scott will address the “sense of stall and stagnation and ‘ecumenical winter’ that came to dominate during the ’90s and ’00s.” He will offer a theological, methodological, and spiritual diagnosis as to why that might have happened and offer examples of things that seem to be leading to new life and impetus for a renewed ecumenical movement – an “ecumenical spring” – especially in the Canadian context. That incudes the call to healing and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, the urgency of interfaith dialogue, ecclesial demographic shifts and the growth of the Church in the global south, and the emergence of post-colonial forms of discipleship.

There will also be worship, workshops and informal conversation times. ReJUNEvation is welcoming and inclusive.


Credit Course Offering

In conjunction with ReJUNEvation, the college will offer the credit course HA 391: Interchurch and Interfaith Relations in Canada, with Dr. Sandra Beardsall. This is a graduate level 3-credit course and those who wish to register require completion of an introductory course in Christian History or instructor’s permission. A limited number of spaces will be available for those wishing to audit the course (half cost). Course dates are June 14-18, 2021, (including full attendance at ReJUNEvation). For details, admission requirements, cost and a course description please contact Registrar Greg Torwalt by email.
HA 391: Interchurch and Interfaith Relations in Canada
June 14-18, 2021 (S. Beardsall)
Canadians played an early and decisive role in the emerging global ecumenical movement that began in the late 19 century. Over the 150 years of this engagement, many forces have reshaped and reframed the Canadian interchurch/interfaith landscape. This course will review that history, but pay special attention to recent development and current trends, in conjunction with the presentations of Dr. Scott Sharman at ReJUNEvation 2020.
Pre-requisites: HA/HL 112 – Christian History: Reformation and Modern Eras or equivalent, or instructor’s permission [Students who have gained credit for HA 352 – Christians in Conversation: Aspects of Ecumenism can take this course with instructor’s permission and on the provision that there be no overlap of assignments between the two courses]