Earning a Master of Divinity and testamur for ordination in The United Church of Canada at St. Andrew's College provides a unique opportunity to integrate theological education with the practice of ministry.

As a student, the Ministry Residency provides you a twenty month ministry placement (years three and four of the M.Div. program) in a pastoral charge or pastoral care setting while continuing your academic study and peer learning completed in your first and second year of study. Engaged in your pastoral Residential Ministry, as a Presbytery appointed student supply minister, you will participate in five learning circles and course work with colleagues and faculty to complete the requirements of the Master of Divinity.

Your Ministry Residency will be an exciting and rewarding part of your theological education. You will have the opportunity to serve church and community, gain pastoral experience, experience more than one church year in ministry, earn income and benefits, and share the journey with colleagues and faculty in reflection and study.

The conference of your choice, in consultation with you and the faculty at St. Andrew's College, will search out a Ministry Residency learning site that will fit as closely as possible your learning needs and desires.

Ministry Residency Guidelines Handbook

Ministry Residency Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: These four evaluation forms are not the current evaluation forms. New evaluation forms will replace these forms shortl.

Ministry Residence First Evaluation Form

Ministry Residence Second Evaluation Form

Ministry Residence Third Evaluation Form

Ministry Residence Fourth Evaluation Form


United Church of Canada Learning Covenant Handbook

United Church of Canada Supervised Ministry Education Handbook

United Church of Canada Candidacy Board Resource
*This resource includes sample questions for the final ‘Readiness for Commissioning, Ordination or Recognition Interview’ on pages 35-38