St. Andrew’s College is located in Saskatchewan but our learning opportunities have no boundaries. We facilitate learning for people throughout the world by offering credit courses in a variety of formats including Internet-based courses and week-long intensive courses. In addition, a number of our independent studies are designed so that they do not require students to come to the college. 

Are you interested in doing some credit or non-credit continuing education or exploring your faith through courses offered by an Association of Theological Schools (ATS) accredited theological college? St. Andrew's has the courses to meet your needs.

If you're interested in registering for an online course, you should assess your own readiness to participate in this form of learning. Download and fill out the Online Learning Readiness Assessment form to help guide your decision. The Online Course Preparation document offers information on how to access and interact as part of online courses.

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Intensive Courses 2020-21

Fall 2020

PA 381: Learning Circle 1: Skills and Reflection in Pastoral Ministry
(S. Beardsall) Distance format: November dates TBA
Co-requisite: enrollment in PA380 (Ministry Practicum) or working at least half-time in a ministry setting.

This 3 credit course is required for all St. Andrew’s Phase Three students, and is open to anyone engaged in congregational ministry who wishes to explore the meaning and purpose of the parish pastoral minister. Using a variety of praxis-based approaches, including case studies; discussion of articles and film; workshops; in-class exercises; and written work, the course addresses core aspects of pastoral experience and identity: leadership, vocation, and learning to “read” congregations and engage them in their mission and ministry. The major assignment is a congregational “thick description,” to be completed and submitted after the conclusion of the 8-day course meeting.

PA 384: Learning Circle 4: Skills for Administration and Local Mission
(C. Mitchell) Distance format: November dates TBA
Prerequisites: PA 381, HA/SA 382, SA 383 Co-requisite: Enrolment in PA 380 (Ministry Residency) or working at least half-time in a ministry setting.

Students will learn skills for administration in local ministry settings as well as learn about mission and the missional church. This is a 2-credit course.

Winter 2021

BE 365: Gospel of Mark
(A. Wright) Jan. 4-8, 2021 Location and format TBD
Prerequisites: Intro to Christian Scriptures course, or permission of the instructor

This 3-credit course works through Mark’s 16 chapters, attentive to its challenge to contemporary disciples who would follow the Jesus this book portrays.

HA/SA 382: Learning Circle II: United Church History, Theology and Polity
(S. Beardsall) Feb. 4-12 2021, tentative, final date TBA
Prerequisites: HA/HL 111/112, SA113, their equivalents or permission of the instructor. This course can be audited (half cost).

 This 4-credit course explores the history, theology and ethos of the United Church through an overview of where the United Church has been and how it has got to where it is now. Students will gain an enriched understanding of how the United Church was formed, the journey it has traveled to the present, how it is organized and how it polity functions.

PA 385: Learning Circle 5: Transition to Future Ministry
(C. Mitchell) March 2021 date TBA, format TBA
Prerequisites: PA 381, HA/SA 382, SA 383, PA 384 Co-requisite: Enrolment in PA 380 (Ministry Practicum) or working at least half-time in a ministry setting

This 3-credit course will provide closure to the ministry residency of the MDiv program. It will combine biblical, liturgical, pedagogical and contextual work with completion of tasks in the students’ learning covenants, culminating in a statement of personal pastoral identity in ministry. A substantial piece of individual independent work is also expected. As well, there will be time spent 26 looking forward to ordination and settlement, and expectations of new clergy. This course is required for all St. Andrew’s Ministry Residency who are in the MDiv program and open to those with the equivalent ministry experience and engagement.

Spring 2021

HA 391: Interchurch and Interfaith Relations in Canada
(S. Beardsall) June 14-18, 2021
Prerequisites: HA/HL 112 – Christian History: Reformation and Modern Eras or equivalent, or instructor’s permission. [Students who have gained credit for HA 352 – Christians in Conversation: Aspects of Ecumenism can take this course with instructor’s permission and on the provision that there be no overlap of assignments between the two courses.]

 Canadians played an early and decisive role in the emerging global ecumenical movement that began in the late 19th century. Over the 150 years of this engagement, many forces have reshaped and reframed the Canadian interchurch/interfaith landscape. This 3-credit course will review that history, but pay special attention to recent development and current trends, in conjunction with the presentations of Dr. Scott Sharman at ReJUNEvation 2021.


Additional online courses may be offered by the Lutheran Theological Seminary and Emmanuel College of St. Chad. See current course offerings page, contact the Registrar ( or browse the LTS and ESC websites.