The purpose of the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree is to establish a theological foundation for life or work in society or in the church and it also provides a basis for further theological study. This degree involves the equivalent of two full years of study.

Courses must be chosen in the areas of: Biblical Studies, Theology, Ethics/Church in Society, Church History, and Pastoral Care. There are other requirements in the life of the college that must also be fulfilled eg. orientation, chapel leadership, and various workshops. Besides the usual areas of study, specializations are available in 1. spiritual care, and 2. acculturation for ministers from one of the United Church’s international partner churches.

The normal admission requirement is an undergraduate degree from a recognized university.

You might benefit from this program if:

  • You wish to achieve certification as a specialist in spiritual care with the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education, but lack a theological masters degree;
  • You are currently serving in a spiritual care capacity, but do not have access to a theological program;
  • You wish to expedite your completion of both your CPE units and your academic work toward the specialist designation;
  • You want a theological program that will integrate your academic and your pastoral/practice education.

Students in the MTS program who wish to specialize in Spiritual Care must include in their credit hours 12 credit units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and one two-credit university level course in Professional Ethics. The Boundaries Workshop is not required for students specializing in Spiritual Care because of the Professional Ethics coursework required.

The MTS 31 Credit Option degree is a MTS degree option for students who have completed an undergraduate degree with extensive studies in religious studies and/or theology OR who have completed some theological study at the Master’s level. This program allows a student, upon faculty approval, to complete the MTS degree in one year (31 credits). Students are also able to specialize in Spritual Care in the MTS 31 credit program.

An Honours option is available for the MTS degrees listed above. Please contact the Registrar for information about the Honours option.

Centre for Christian Studies & St. Andrew’s College Dual Program  

St. Andrew’s College (SAC) and The Centre for Christian Studies (CCS) have a dual program that leads to the Master of Theological Studies degree from SAC following the Diploma in Diaconal Ministries from CCS.

Students who are already admitted to CCS are encouraged to apply to the MTS program, allowing them to complete the MTS 31-credit degree concurrently with the Diploma through CCS. By taking a few additional courses above what is required for the CCS Diploma, students can complete the requirements of the Master of Theological Studies degree. The MTS will be conferred only have completion of the CCS Diploma and the additional requirements set out by SAC and described in the program requirement document.

  • Students who already hold the educational equivalent of an undergraduate degree may be directly admitted into the MTS program and admitted into the 31-credit option upon completion of the CCS Diploma. Students without the educational equivalent of an undergradate degree may be provisionally admitted into the MTS program, and fully admitted into the MTS program 31-credit option upon the completion of the CCS diploma.
  • CCS is responsible for the admission of students into the CCS Diploma program. SAC is responsible for the admission of students in the MTS program.
  • Normally MTS 31 credit option students are required to take all external courses at SAC or another school of the Saskatoon Theological Union (STU).
    Please contact the SAC Registrar for more information about this opportunity.

The 37-credit Master of Theological Studies: Pastoral Studies for International Partners (MTS) degree allows persons with previous theological studies to obtain a Canadian Master’s degree without having to transfer credits from previous work. It is useful to international students from partner churches who are already ordained and are seeking admission to the ministry of The United Church of Canada. St. Andrew’s College has an International School designation from the Government of Canada. International students who are not ordained but hold an MDiv degree (or equivalent) may also seek admission to this program, but non-ordained students need to fulfill the candidacy and ordination requirements of the United Church of Canada. This program involves one full-time on-campus year and one 20-24-month paid half-time ministry practicum.

The program is also helpful to anyone who wishes to deepen their language skills and awareness of Canadian cultural contexts. Its components include studies to assist in preparing for ministry in Canada, and particularly the United Church. A student must be accepted as an applicant for admission to the ministry of the United Church of Canada, through the appropriate UCC office, or be accepted as a candidate for ordination, before beginning the ministry practicum.

  • One course in English Language and Cultural Contexts: PA352 – taken concurrently with other Saskatoon Theological Union courses, and offered at St. Andrew’s College by a qualified TOEFL instructor. The focus is on both English language skills and the cultural learning needed to undertake pastoral work in United Church of Canada congregations and their communities. ­(3 credits)
  • Five courses: PA110, PA212, plus 9 credits of electives. Courses are selected by the student in consultation with the student’s assigned faculty advisor. Intensive and online courses are available. (15 credits)
  • PA380: 20-24 Month Ministry Practicum – set up as an appointment following United Church of Canada processes for applicants (ordained or candidates (non-ordained). This will be a half-time, paid position, allowing for time to attend the Learning Circles. (4 credits)
  • Ministry Practicum Learning Circles – Five intensive (4-8 day) courses, taken for credit, over the course of the practicum. PA 381, HA/SA 382, SA 383, PA 384, PA 385. (15 credits)

To learn more about the MTS in Pastoral Studies program or for more information abut the International Student application process contact College Registrar Greg Torwalt at (306) 966-5244 or

신학 석사 과정 (MTS) 관련 한국말로 입학 정보를 보시려면 다음 링크를 참조하십시오.