St. Andrew’s College is governed by a board of regents under provincial charter. The board is made up of representatives of the constituencies served by the college, with members chosen for their expertise in specific areas and for their commitment to the well-being of the college.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is accountable to the board and is composed of:

  • Representatives from the college constituencies
  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Representatives of the prairie conferences
  • Rural representatives
  • Educators
  • Members-at-large

The Academic Committee listens to the needs of the church, primarily in a Prairie context, for an educated ordered ministry and adjoining lay ministries. It is responsible for:

  • Setting academic policies and academic standards in respect to grades, appeals and examinations of the students
  • Oversight of academic matters pertaining to the college
  • Academic integrity of the college’s programming in respect to design quality and direction in theological education
  • Conferring theological degrees, both earned and honorary

College Council

The college council has decision-making responsibility for the daily life of St. Andrew's. It consists of staff, students and faculty and receives input from a number of college committees.