A Renewed Strategic Plan for St. Andrew's College

At the fall 2015 gathering of the St. Andrew’s College Board approval was given to a renewed strategic plan to guide the College until 2020.

Work on a renewed strategic plan began over a year ago with a facilitated workshop involving a wide cross-section of the St. Andrew’s community, Board and Committee meetings throughout the year, with the guidance of Dr. Lea Pennock from the Board. The plan is based on five central imperatives and under each imperative a number of ongoing and new goals are established and, for each goal, actions and responsibilities are identified.

The plan sets out exciting new directions and goals while recommitting the College to our mission of providing justice-driven education for Christian leadership, reaffirming the commitment to academic excellence and the integration of practice and study in ministerial preparation, and reconfirming the ongoing programs and new program implementation. For instance, the plan envisions wider ecumenical involvements and deeper, authentic and mutual relationships with Indigenous people.

The plan seeks new degree and certificate specializations in service of the Church and community, even greater effort in student attraction, a new and focused emphasis on continuing education and distance education. The renewed plan indicates care for the physical and natural heritage of the College building and land with goals to renew the Campus Community Centre (Main Lounge), renew the relationship with the University of Saskatchewan and take action to reduce the carbon footprint of our building.

These and many other goals are exciting components of the Renewed Strategic Plan for St. Andrew’s.

Download the College's Imperatives and its detailed plan for achieving those imperatives.