Latest edition of Contact shares college news

The Spring 2021 edition of Contact shares news and information about the life and community of St. Andrew's College.

The Spring 2021 edition of Contact is now available with news and information about the life and community of St. Andrew's College.

Highlighting this edition is recognition of the College’s graduates who were unable to celebrate convocation in person due to the restrictions on gatherings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Board chair Doug Neufeld reflects on the change facing the College and the challenges faced by the Board of Regents as it looks to secure the College’s future after a tumultuous year. Principal Dea. Dr. Richard Manley-Tannis continues his conversation with the College community through his reflection and introduces the members of the Academic Redesign Team.

This edition also includes news about the retirement of long-time professor Sandra Beardsall, updates from faculty members, and news of a book by editors Prof. Don Schweitzer and Paul L. Gareau that examines reconciliation with contributions from current and recent faculty members.

There is also news about continuing education programming being offered by the College as well as shift in information services due to the decision by the University of Saskatchewan to discontinue those services. Also highlighted are the many changes to library operations during the past 18 months including finalizing the integration of the St. Andrew’s College library with Lutheran Theological Seminary and the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad.

There is an update on activities of the college’s faculty news about fundraising events in the life of St. Andrews and the thank you of the College’s donors and supporters.

Contact is available for reading or download in PDF format.



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