Affiliated, federated colleges support response to pandemic

We understand steps to address COVID-19 are "an expression of solidarity across the university community, within our city and country, and around the world."

As heads of the affiliated and federated Colleges located on the University of Saskatchewan campus, we express our support and appreciation for campus leaders, in the University administration, faculty and student organizations, as we respond together to the COVID-19 crisis.
We endorse the steps which are being taken to promote social distancing, including cancellation of events, the adap- tation of courses for remote delivery, and supporting staff in working from home. We are applying similar guidelines within our own institutions.
We understand these steps to be an expression of solidarity across the university community, within our city and country, and around the world. As leaders of learning communities rooted in faith traditions, we know there is a spiritual dimension in our response to, and care for, one another. We invite people of any faith, or of none, to reflect on the reality that the coronavirus pandemic is something the entire human race is going through, together. In that context, our individual actions have an impact on others’ well-being. This is especially true when we consider those whose physical condition makes them more vulnerable to the disease.
We are conscious that many in our community are emotionally vulnerable during this time. The very steps which protect everyone’s physical health also remove key social supports. We urge our campus community to use all the means at our disposal, to maintain and strengthen our care for one another. This may mean creating and strengthening digital communities within or outside class settings; offering acts of service to persons in self-isolation; or simply reaching out with a text or call to someone who could be lonely.
Another dimension of this crisis is its impact on persons who are financially vulnerable, in particular those who will lose work opportunities and income, due to the immediate effects of closures, or the wider economic disruption associated with the pandemic. We encourage the campus community to stay alert for individuals who are falling through the cracks, and to make extra efforts to support agencies and programs who assist persons in urgent need.
Our university is a place of creativity, innovation, and solidarity. As we adjust to the constraints necessary to protect public health, we can use some of that creativity and innovation, in order to stay connected, to support one another, and to look out for each other.

Richard Manley-Tannis, Principal

Iain Luke, Principal 

Carl Still, President

William Harrison, President

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