St. Andrew's College closed to the public due to COVID-19

Regularly updated information about the college community and COVID-19. As of March 20, the college is closed to the public.

Update Monday, March 23

I suspect we are all watching the news and updates with some concern. As we continue to navigate this challenging time, I was grateful to find myself experiencing worship offered remotely by Mayfair United Church on Sunday.

I know that across the country our UCCan kin, Sisters and Brothers have boldly embraced the ability to stream the Good News in a way that is rather amazing. It feels like we have been emboldened to ensure the Gospel is shared as a living text and that holds such promise. That is one place in which I have found hope, recently, in this turbulent time. I pray you too have seen and been hope in your networks, communities and with family and friends.

  • Saskatchewan Government: https://bit.ly/2xYvXDr;
  • University of Saskatchewan: https://updates.usask.ca/;
  • The United Church of Canada: https://www.united-church.ca/covid-19;
  • As of March 24th, all staff, who are able, are working remotely. Work plans are in place and regular remote meetings will occur with one another and supervisors to ensure ongoing workflow;
  • Office hours are reduced to 09:30-14:30;
  • There will always be two staff onsite to ensure safety and personal distancing protocols remain in effect;
  • For students who need library assistance, please contact the library through email (standrews.library@usask.ca) or phone (306-966-8983) to arrange for resources that are required; and,
  • Students will only be permitted onsite if arrangements have been made prior; and,
  • The college’s 200320 updates remain in effect and modified according to the 200323 updates.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at richard.manley-tannis@usask.ca.

In Christ,
Dea. Dr. Richard Manley-Tannis

Update Friday, March 20

We are grateful for your patience as we continue to share various updates. I am writing to share, after meeting with staff, the following update about the college: as of Friday, March 20, the college will be closed to the public.
In order to facilitate this response to the Saskatchewan Government’s Declaration of a State of Emergency (https://bit.ly/2xXYt8r), the ongoing direction of the University of Saskatchewan (https://updates.usask.ca/) and the college’s commitment to ensuring the safety of its staff, faculty, tenants and residents, these are the protocols that will help us affect this development, most of which will also be posted throughout the college:

  • All doors will be locked. Only those who have keys will have access to the building. Only residents, tenants, faculty, staff, contractors, and deliveries critical to core operations will be allowed in the college, until further notice;
  • All non-essential rooms have been marked with a “Stop” sign indicating they are off limits as they are not part of the essential running of the college at this time (i.e. Main Lounge & Downstairs Kitchen);
  • All deliveries will be accepted, but will occur with personal distancing protocols after phoning the office to confirm the need for delivery: (306) 966-8970.
  • All residents will be required to ensure that any food deliveries are coordinated directly with them;
  • Any staff, faculty and tenants who are unwell, should not come to the college;
  • Tenant, staff, faculty and residents are responsible for any visitors whom they bring into the college;
  • For students who need books, please contact the library through email (standrews.library@usask.ca) or phone (306-966-8983) to arrange for books to be mailed; and,
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at richard.manley-tannis@usask.ca.
In the midst of living in the midst of COVID-19, I pray you and yours are well. I invite you to find ways to offer compassion as fear simmers. I hope you will be cautious in this time, and continue to find joy and wonder in Creator’s wonder.
Dea. Dr. Richard Manley-Tannis
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