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General Information

The STU represents the most significant concentration of resources for theological education in the Canadian prairie provinces, and this western setting has strongly affected the character of its constituent colleges. The history of these colleges and of the churches they serve is fundamentally intertwined with the social, economic and political development of the west, and this western heritage in turn provides the specific context in which they do their theological work.

Saskatoon is a pretty and vibrant city of about 246,000 people, situated on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River in the midst of a gently rolling plain known as the Parklands region. It serves as a distribution point for a productive agricultural and mining area, and, increasingly, as a centre for light industry, electronic technology and biotechnology. For a city of its size, Saskatoon offers a surprisingly rich array of recreational and cultural opportunities. Extensive parkland, a symphony orchestra, a public art gallery, good restaurants, and lively local theatre all contribute to Saskatoon’s appeal.

The University of Saskatchewan campus occupies 755 hectares on the eastern bank of the river, and has a current population of approximately 21,000 students. In existence almost as long as the province itself, the university has made major contributions to the growth and development of Saskatchewan. Not the least of these has been the steady stream of graduates from the affiliated theological colleges, who have provided ministry and leadership for the Church in the western provinces and beyond.