Students at Saskatoon Theological Union have access to many resources during their time with us. The first of these, the University of Saskatchewan, is a centre of excellence for education, research and service. Since all three theological colleges are located on the beautiful grounds of, and are affiliated with, the University of Saskatchewan, STU students may use U of S courses and libraries and the campus itself. Of particular significance are the Department of Religious Studies in the College of Arts and Science and St. Thomas More College, a Roman Catholic liberal arts college federated with the University of Saskatchewan, both of which offer courses appropriate as electives for theological students.

A variety of clinical pastoral education (CPE) sites and programs are available in Saskatoon through the Saskatoon Institute for Pastoral Education (SIPE). Each of the three STU colleges sends a faculty representative to the SIPE Council, and clinical pastoral education program supervisors and colleges work closely to provide students with CPE opportunities, both full-time units (May to July) and extended units (September to April). Students interested in accreditation in Spiritual Care through the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education (CAPPE) can enroll in the MTS with a specialization in Spiritual Care through St. Andrew’s College and Emmanuel & St. Chad. Admission to CPE units is through application to SIPE; each unit has enrollment limits.

Saskatoon has a large number of Anglican, Lutheran and United Church congregations, as well as a wide spectrum of other Christian denominations and many other faith communities.

Many service organizations and helping agencies, both governmental and non-governmental, operate in the city, and there are active lines of communication between many of them and the theological colleges.

All three theological colleges offer resources in addition to the regular program of theological study. Regular worship is encouraged, and students may choose to participate in many STU community-enhancement events.  The Graduate Studies Council provides a program of Graduate Seminars each term, which bring presentations of interesting and stimulating theological research to the STU public. At St. Andrew’s College, ReJUNEvation brings guest lecturers to the campus, as does Annual Study Conference at the Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Martin Memorial Lectures at the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad. The conferences combine lectures, workshops, and other activities in a relaxing and recreational setting and are designed to provide opportunities for professional development and continuing education for ordained and lay persons within the church.

Saskatoon also offers many non-theological opportunities for learning as well as many cultural and entertainment resources.