In late 2019, an announcement was made regarding the future of the Saskatoon Theological Union (STU).

(L. to R.) Rev. Dr. Iain Luke, College of Emmanuel & St. Chad Principal; Rev. Dr. William Harrison, Lutheran Theological Seminary President; Dea. Richard Manley-Tannis, St. Andrew's Principal The College of Emmanuel-St. Chad, the Lutheran Theological Seminary and St. Andrew's College are pleased to share the joyful news that they will be locating together at St. Andrew's College on the University of Saskatchewan campus, beginning in the summer of 2020.

The Saskatoon Theological Union (STU) is an association of three theological colleges located on the University of Saskatchewan campus. It was formed to facilitate a cooperative and ecumenical approach to theological education. The member colleges share their resources in significant ways while remaining distinct and separate institutions.                                                                

The STU reflects a long tradition of cooperation among the three colleges.  In 1969, the institutions pooled their resources to found the Graduate School of Theology (later known as the Graduate Studies Council at Saskatoon), whose aim was to provide a program of post-graduate theological studies leading to the degree Master of Sacred Theology (STM). In 1981, a computerized union library catalogue was introduced, which provided for the first time a regularly updated listing of the holdings of the three libraries. In the academic year 1985-86, the decision was taken to issue a common academic calendar under the name Saskatoon Theological Union. In 1997, the Boards of the three schools voted to explore closer working relationships.

Today Saskatoon Theological Union is a place where vibrant and co-operative communities of scholarship, spiritual discernment and struggle, and friendship continue to grow and evolve, and to engage critically with issues important to church and society. The present STU framework allows for students enrolled in any of the member institutions to take courses from all three colleges. The STU coordinates course offerings in each of the areas of study, and in some instances professors from more than one college jointly offer courses. Students have access to all libraries of the partner schools, providing excellent resources for study, research, and spiritual growth.

The functioning of the STU is maintained by means of regular meetings of the faculty members of the three colleges, supplemented by meetings of more specialized groups – the Heads of colleges, the registrars, the subject-area sections (Biblical Theological, Interdisciplinary Theological Studies, Pastoral Studies), the Curriculum Committee, and any ad hoc committees. The Graduate Studies Program is supervised by the Graduate Studies Council (comprising the faculty members of the three colleges).

The STU also maintains a close relationship with the University of Saskatchewan with which all three schools are affiliated.