Required Seminars

BU 400 Graduate Seminar: Method in Biblical Studies

Prerequisite: introductory courses in Hebrew Bible and New Testament, at least one 200-level and one 300-level Bible course, or approved equivalents to these, at least one introductory level biblical language.

This course is designed to give the graduate student an adequate understanding of current methodological discussion in biblical studies. The emphasis will be on methods which have been developed recently, or which have undergone major change in recent times. More traditional methods, which the student should already have encountered in exegesis courses, will also be reviewed. (TBA)

SU 400 Graduate Seminar: Interdisciplinary Methods in Theology

Prerequisite: graduate standing or permission of the instructor

Theology frequently involves dialogue with other academic disciplines. This course will examine issues involved in interdisciplinary work between theology and various disciplines (especially sociology and the natural sciences.) Using some case study material, it will examine how theology is challenged by and can gain insights through interaction with other disciplines and how theological method intersects with the method of other disciplines. It will also look at some of the practical and ethical issues involved in interdisciplinary work. (C. Harder & D. Schweitzer/ Spring 2001)

IU 400 Graduate Integration Seminar

Prerequisite: graduate standing

This course consists of two parts. The first part is a discussion on some of the methods used by scholars in the disciplines offered by the Saskatoon Theological Union: biblical scholars, theologians, ethicists, church historians and pastoral theologians. Several members of faculty will collaborate in leading the discussion. The second part is lead by students who share their thesis work and engage in critical examination of that work with each other and faculty, relating it to the previous discussion.


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Course Descriptions

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