The Graduate Studies Program, leading to the Master of Sacred Theology (STM) and Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degrees, has been established to provide advanced theological courses of study both for those who desire to prepare for further study at the doctoral level (Track 1) and for those who are interested primarily in continuing education (Track 2). The program has been designed to appeal particularly to those who desire to combine their study with ongoing pastoral ministry or who otherwise prefer to work towards the degree on a part-time basis, and to those who desire to complete a graduate degree without having to relocate.

The Graduate Studies Program is administered by the Graduate Studies Council, which consists of all Saskatoon Theological Union faculty members qualified to participate in the Program. The Program is supervised by a Director of Graduate Studies with the assistance of an Executive Committee. The Director and the members of the Executive Committee are appointed by the Graduate Studies Council.

Academic aspects of the Program are shaped and supervised by several Sectional Committees, organized according to the various disciplines of the theological curriculum. Each Sectional Committee is composed of all faculty members teaching in a specified discipline (or disciplines), and is chaired by one of its members (Chairperson), who is thereby a member of the Executive Committee. The supervision of individual students is carried out by the appropriate Sectional Committee working in conjunction with a Program Advisor. The Program Advisor, who normally also serves as Thesis Advisor for students in a Track 1 program, is appointed by the Director in consultation with the student and the Sectional Committee.
The Sectional Committees are:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Theological Studies (Including Theology and Philosophy of Religion, History of Christianity and Historical Theology, Ethics and Church & Society)
  • Pastoral Studies
While both the admission of students to the Program and the granting of degrees remain the prerogative of the individual colleges, they are carried out only on the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Council.