Credit may be allowed for work done in other institutions. A request for such credit should be made at the time of application and allowance is at the discretion of the Graduate Studies Council. The maximum allowable is one-half of the required course work (i.e., three courses for Track 1, and four for Track 2). If a student has been away from formal theological studies for a period of more than ten years, credit can be given only in those cases where the student can demonstrate that he or she has maintained currency in the field. Demonstration of currency will be determined by the relevant Sectional Committee, using whatever means is deemed appropriate.

Students who have not completed the MDiv, but whose remaining MDIV requirements do not constitute a full semester load, may take classes for possible advanced credit toward the STM degree in the same semester in which they complete the MDi, requirements, with the proviso that such classes:

  • Not number more than two
  • Are not taken as an overload
  • Are declared as graduate courses at the time of registration.

The crediting of such classes toward a graduate degree remains in all cases subject to the discretion of the Graduate Studies Council.