The Dr. William Winter School is part of the long-term vision of First Nations Anglicans in Northern Ontario and Manitoba for their own self-determination within the Anglican Church of Canada.  Building on a thirty year history of Indigenous peoples' training for ministry in the Diocese of Keewatin, over 70 people have participated in the Diploma in Indigenous Anglican Theology program since its inception in 2003-04. 

Meeting at the Mission House built for this purpose by the people of Kingfisher Lake, ON and in the summer at Big Beaver Bible Camp, students and their families come together from all over the north for intensive 14 hour a day training sessions.  Drawing faculty from the College of Emmanuel and St Chad, and colleges in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and elsewhere, students complete 900 hours of contact time (as much as a typical three year MDiv program) and between sessions do practicum work in their home and neighbouring communities.  Many diocesan clergy participate in the program as a form of continuing education, and the elders also attend and teach.  The school is under the direction of The Ven. Dr Larry Beardy and The Rt. Rev. Lydia Mamakwa.