Candidates planning to offer themselves for ordination should enter the College under the sponsorship of a diocesan bishop. All postulants for ordination by any bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada must normally attend an assessment conference under the auspices of the Advisory Committee on Postulants for Ordination (ACPO) which advises the College and the sponsoring bishop.

In marking, and in other aspects of academic discipline and regulation, the College usually follows the custom of the University of Saskatchewan.

Application forms for any of the following programs can be obtained by contacting the College Registrar and should be submitted along with a $75.00 application fee. In addition, it is possible for the students to do a portion of their degree program through Distance Education.

Occasional Students: Some people may wish to take courses for credit or audit before applying for and registering in a degree program. These students may register as "occasional students" and take two courses per semester (a total of 12 credit units per academic year). An occasional student can complete a total of 30 credit units at which point they must make application to a degree program in order to continue their studies.  We welcome students who do not wish to pursue a degree as well.  Occasional students are welcome to participate in our Distance Education program; courses taken at a distance are subject to the rules of the Distance Education program.

Bachelor of Theology

Before coming to the College such students will be expected to complete pre-requisite study to the following level:

  • By completing at least one full year (10 courses) of university level study which may/should include: 
    • At least one course in the history of western civilization and thought
    • An introduction to philosophy
    • An introduction to art history
    • At least one course in English language and literature

Licentiate in Theology

The Licentiate in Theology is a two year program designed for students who do not have a university degree.  There is also an Ordination Stream option.  Anyone may apply for this program.

Master of Divinity and Master of Theological Studies Specific Admission Requirements

Students may complete up to 18 credits toward the first stage of their degree program by taking distance courses from the college or by transferring credits for courses completed at other theological institutions or universities. These are best arranged to include:

  • Introduction to Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures
  • Introduction to New Testament/Early Christian Literature
  • Introduction to Church History

To receive credits students must provide an outline of the curriculum for the course, evidence that they have attained a grade of B (70%) or higher in the course, and pay a course transfer fee.

Master of Theology and Doctor of Ministry (Graduate Study)

please contact the registrar for the Master of Theology and/or Doctor of Ministry handbooks.

Out of Country Students

For out of country students we require the following as additional prerequisites for being considered for admission to any college program. The deadline for International student applications is April 30.

  • Successful completion of the TOEFL exam
  • Being able to finance your studies, including tuition, books, supplies, travel, transportation, living accommodation, meals and other daily expenses

Our Designated Learning Institute (DLI) number is 0122051172047.

Student Handbook and International Student Supplement

Please contact the Registrar for these handbooks.