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BE378 Gospel of Luke 

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to one of the earliest written documents concerning the life and ministry of Jesus. Through a careful reading of the Gospel, the student will gain a knowledge of its content as well as the context in which it was written. The student will examine a number of cultural and historical factors that contributed to the content of Luke's Gospel such as: The Roman Imperial Cult, the rise of Greek culture in Palestine, the invasion of the Roman Empire, various religious sects in 1st-century Palestine, cultural subjugation, and systems of power in the ancient world. The student will also be exposed to a number of theories of genre, methods of interpretation, and learn to answer various questions concerning differences in Gospel accounts.

Dr. Adam Z. Wright

January 10 - 14, 2022 Hybrid (synchronous online and in-person)

Tuition: $1,120/3 credit course, $337.50/audit

Lay team group rate (2-5 people) $1,120

Lisa McInnis , Registrar
Phone:  (306) 975-3753