Intensive Course Offerings

BE365 Gospel of Mark ( Dr. Adam Wright) January 4-8, 2021

This course is an in-depth examination fo Mark's Gospel, which some have descrived as the earliest written record of Jesus' ministry and teachings. The student will examine a number of 14 cultural and historical factors that contributed to the content of Mark's Gospel such as: The Roman Imperial Cult, the rise of Greek culture in Palestine, the invasion of the Roman Empire, various religious sects in 1st-century Palestine, cultural subjugation, and systems of power in the ancient world. The student will be exposed to a number of theories of genre, method of interpretation (including, What is a Parable? How do we understand the resurrection?), and various ideas pertaining to why and how Mark wrote the Gospel.

Tuition: $1,080/3 credit course, $540/audit

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