Emmanuel & St. Chad: A History of Training Anglican Clergy in Saskatchewan

The Anglican Church of Canada, in what is now the civil province of Saskatchewan, has been training some of its clergy for over 135 years.

In 1879, the Bishop of Saskatchewan, John McLean, began a training centre at Prince Albert, then situated in the North-West Territories. In 1883, the same institution was given university status by the federal government under the name of the University of Saskatchewan. 

Since that time, there have been four other training centres. In Qu'Appelle, St. John's Theological College welcomed students from 1885 - 1894. In Regina, students enrolled in St. Chad's Hostel (1907 - 1914), which grew into St. Chad's Theological College (1914 - 1964). In Saskatoon, there have been two institutions carrying on the educational work: Emmanuel College (1909 - 1964) and the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad (1964 - Present).

This book attempts to bring together the history of each of these institutions as they have shaped, and continue to shape, the mission and ministry of the Church in this part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.


The Right Rev. Eric Bays                                   Canon Trevor Powell

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