1. Prefix First Letter

The first letter in the prefix designates the field of study in which the course is offered. The four fields of study are as follows:

  • Biblical Studies (B)
  • Church History and Historical Theology (H)
  • Systematic Theology, Ethics and Church and Society (S)
  • Pastoral Theology (P)

2. Prefix Second Letter

The second letter in the prefix identifies the College of the professor giving the course:

  • Emmanuel and St. Chad (E)
  • Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon (L)
  • St. Andrew’s College (A)

Courses offered jointly or team-taught by professors from more than one seminary carry the prefix U.

    3. First Digit

    The first digit of the course number signifies the level of the course: 

    • 100 level: Introductory or foundational courses, normally with no prerequisite.
    • 200 level: Courses which are more advanced than 100-level courses and which generally presuppose a full year of theological studies. They may or may not have specific prerequisites at the 100 level.
    • 300 level: Specialized courses for which prerequisites are normally required.
    • 400 level: Courses offered primarily for students in the graduate degree program. Undergraduate students may take such courses only with special permission. For course listings, see Graduate Studies section.

    4. Remaining digits

    Each field of study is divided into subject areas with their own number designation. To see specific courses, please see Course Offerings.